Brit Parking Management offers a parking solution that rectifies numbers of parking issues that tackles abandoned vehicles too. We can remove abandoned vehicle from your property under lawful time frame. Our system is integrated to the DVLA database and that allow us to contact vehicle’s owner, along with the contact details for us to arrange actions and recourse about the abandoned vehicle.

Dealing with abandoned vehicles on private land is very challenging specially when it is dumped in parking spot which is dedicated to business use or in resident use. However, under the protection of freedom Act 2012 it's legal for only authorised bodies to deal with al these issues.

Following are the few check that might helps in identifying if the vehicle is abandoned:

  • Vehicle been stationary from last 3-4 weeks?
  • Any broken window?
  • Flat/missing tyre?
  • Number plate missing.

Please contact our Parking Experts for more detail and discuss your car park issues.

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